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The Adventures!
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The Adventures!


Alright, you can call them stories, but we like to call them Adventures!
Afterall, we strive to be much more than average story tellers...
In our newest adventure, Max's Imagination meets up with Gulp, a friendly furry Pelican who is asked by his Mom to babysit an egg. Gulp learns the importance of responsibility as the egg is threatened by Rage, a Vulture who ultimately learns the meaning of friendship.
Available for booking October 2000!


Gulp has a One-Of-A-Kind personality and is a real hit with both kids and adults. He may not have the highest IQ, but his good-nature makes him lovable.

A bicycle; Actual size=300 pixels wide

Rage may be a bit threatening at first, but he soon realizes that stealing is wrong and a good friendship is priceless.